We've taken the cleaning power of Comet® Cleansers, combined it with bleach and formulated a soft cleansing cream that provides tough cleaning action and unsurpassed cleaning power. It gently cleans most surfaces without scratching. Great for delicate surfaces such as stainless steel sinks, marble and granite. See FAQs for questions about specific surfaces.
Soft Cleanser With Bleach
Pine Deodorizing Cleanser With Bleach
Lemon Deodorizing Cleanser
With Bleach
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This cleanser bleaches away tough stains. It's safe and ideal for most tough cleaning problems around the house. And since it's also scratch free, you can use it on most delicate surfaces. See FAQs for questions about specific surfaces.
Here's a cleanser with the same cleaning power as Original Comet®, with a lemon fresh scent for a clean and fresh smell. Lemon Fresh Comet® is available in both a canister and re-sealable plastic container. It is scratch free and is ideal for most cleaning problems around your house.
Lavender Deodorizing Cleanser With Bleach
Comet® Lavender Fresh has the same cleaning power as Original Comet® Bleach with the great scent of Lavender. Comet® Lavender Fresh can be used safely on most kitchen and bathroom surfaces and is scratch free. Comet® Lavender Fresh is the only lavender scented powdered cleanser you can buy.